I had intended to leave talking about The Unions till after the weekend when all the Election Results were out of the way but todays PCS meeting seemed relevant.

Unite, the largest affiliated Union has been in merger talks with The PCS for years with the process planned to complete next January but the meeting today voted against allowing The Union Leadership a free hand in negotiations. The big stumbling block for activists is Unites affiliation to Labour, often seen as little better than The Tories.

The background to this meeting is a series of statements from Unite in recent weeks talking about breaking away from Labour & forming a New Party of The Left. The most recent seemed to give Labour 2 conditions it had to meet – a move to The Left & a clear victory next May. The more reasonable among you will realise that those conditions are mutually exclusive.

I had concluded that the decision to leave Labour had already been taken but the actual split put off till next Summer, after Labour get hammered in The General Election. Given the priority of the Merger with The PCS the announcement of the break may come this year. Around July 21st  might be a good date, after the meeting of Labours National Policy Forum to finalise priorities for The Manifesto. There is bound to be something Unite can object to.


My thanks to “Labour Uncut” for their report on The PCS meeting, it’s a blog worth watching.

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