Hi everybody, sorry I set up this tantalising blog then buggered off, stuff got in the way – flu, Xmas, my show in Camberwell, flu etc.

As you can guess from the title, I am convinced that Labour, in their present form will “die” in the near future & that their death will transform our Politics.   Lots of other stuff may get covered on the way.

Given the Elections tomorrow I ought to make some predictions, everyone else is.


The Locals.

Labour, as the Official Opposition should top the poll & make hundreds of gains. The Libdems should get 14 or 15% & lose hundreds of seats like we did in 2011, 2012 & 2013. Neither of those results tell us anything about next May


The Euros.

I expect Labour, UKIP & The Tories to all come the range of 20-25%. Any one of them could come  1st,  2nd or 3rd without telling us anything useful but the order will certainly have a real effect with third place triggering a crisis for whichever gets it.

Most Libdem  supporters seem to expect 7-8% & a possible 5th place but I think 12-14% more likely.

After that I see Greens &  AIFE  tussling for 5th place, followed by The SNP & then the “Other others”, another 10 lists in London – some of which had me baffled & I am a Politics nerd.


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